Русская версия Mnemonic

Both languages Kim Peek - The Real Rain Man
Both languages Daily Express, August 29 2002
Both languages USA Championship 2002
Both languages Tomoyori
Both languages Memoria Technica Japonica
Both languages Memoriad in Asia
Both languages Article about Mangatayev
Both languages Article about Indian boy
Both languages Record of Russia on 2500 pi digits
Both languages Record of Garibian on 2000 russian words
Both languages USA Championship 2000
Both languages Tatiana Cooley. 1999
Both languages Radjan Mahadevan
Only on Russian Superpossibility
Both languages Memorizing Numbers. M. Gardner

Science and Life (Russian popular sciense magazine)
Both languages N5 1968 Actor - mathematician. A. Gromov
Only on Russian N5 1969 Seckret one trick. V. Panov
Only on Russian N1 1971 Mnemotehnic - art of memorizing. V. Hromov
Only on Russian N10 1971 Art of Mnemotehnic. V. Hromov
Both languages N4 1979 Geniality or method. A. Leonovich
Only on Russian N1 1990 Mnemotehnic: numbers azbuka. V. Konovalov, V. Melnikov

Human - calculators
Both languages PITER'S CALCULATOR broke Guinnes record. N.Kositskaya. 2002
Both languages Record Battu! Mai, 2002
Both languages Moris Dagber: human - computer. M. Saltano. 2001
Only on English Rudiger Gamm. 2001
Both languages Taiwanian records. 2000
Both languages Klein on 1985. 2000
Both languages Hari Prasad. 1999
Only on Germany Gert Mittring. Guinness Book Record. 1999
Only on Russian Roman Arrago, human-riddle. E. Levin. 1999
Both languages This is inconceivable and... only. T.Belenko. 1999
Both languages Miracle of XX century. G.Trofimov. 1997
Only on Russian A Theory for Everything. J.Bernstein. 1996
Both languages Pamphlet on Bidder. 1995.
Only English Speed of Information Processing in a Calculating Prodigy. 1990. Jensen A.R.
Both languages George Parker Bidder: The Calculating Prodigy. 1987.
Both languages Rooting. The Greatest Mental Calculators. S. Smith. 1983
Both languages Salo Finkelstein. The Greatest Mental Calculators. S. Smith. 1983
Both languages Wim Klein. The Greatest Mental Calculators. S. Smith. 1983
Both languages Three, seven, four... A. Borodin. 1978
Both languages Meet the Human Computer. Samuel Schreiner, Jr. 1976
Only on Russian Calculating Prodigies. M. Gardner. 1975
Only on Russian Tricks of Lightning Calculators. M. Gardner. 1975
Only on Russian Human - Calculators. W. Ball, H. Coxetter. 1974
Both languages Prodigy - calculators. V. Pekelis. 1974
Both languages The legend of John von Neumann. P.R.Halmos. 1973
Both languages You can everything?.. 1969
Both languages Indian phenomenon. "Eurica" 1969
Both languages The Magic of Numbers. Robert Tocquet. 1960
Both languages The art of mental calculations. A.C.Aitken. 1954
Both languages Faster than Tough. B.V.Bowden. 1953
Both languages Mental Prodigies. Fred Barlow. 1951
Both languages Quick calculating. J. Perelman. 1945
Both languages An examination of ... Salo Finkelstein. Weinland & Schlauch. 1937
Only English Magician's Tricks: How They are Done. H.Hatton and A.Plate, 1910
Both languages Visual memory. Colored visualisation. Mental calculation. L. Manouvrier. 1908
Both languages Methematical Prodigies. Mitchell. 1907
Both languages J. Inaudi. C.Flammarion. 1894
Both languages Psychology of the great calculators and checkers players. Binet. 1894
Both languages Arithmetical Prodigies. E.W.Scripture. 1891
Only English Lighting calculator. Wm. S. Hutchings. 1867
Only English "Mental calculation" on The Anthropological Review. P. Jessen. 1863
Both languages On Mental calculation. J.P.Bidder. 1856
Only German Versuch einer wissenschaftlichen Begründung der Psychologie. P. Jessen. 1855
Only English Phillosophy of arithmetic... Uriah Parke. 1850
Only Deutch Album von Zacharias Dase. 1846
Only English "Case of Arithmetical Talent" on The Phrenological Journal, and Magazine of Moral Science. Dr. Hirschfeld of Bremen. 1841
Both languages Correspondence Gauss - Schumacher. About Memoirs. 1840
Both languages The Nineteenth Century in Print. About Memoirs. 1833
Only English Memoir. Zerah Colburn. 1833
Only English "My Thought Book". J.P. Thomas. 1821
Only English Pamphlet. George Bidder. 1820
Both languages Centinel. 1790

Only English Mathemagics. A.Benjamen
Both languages Technology of quick calculations. D.Goldshtein. 1948